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Hindustani Guitar
This guitar originates from north India, this hindustani slide guitar is a blend between different classical Indian instruments.This guitar was made by a luthier located in India, it has twenty-two strings. There are two strings o one side of the instrument called ‘chikary’, four main strings on the top, two other strings between the chikary and the main strings called droms and twelve sympathetic down the main four chords strings called “tarab”.

This Guitar is played with the help of fingerpicks and a slide bar. It is the alternative instrument of the Sitar to perform the old indian music style called Raga. Indian classical music is aq deep style very much attached to spirituality and subjects of that type. The Raga are classified also by the time of the day or the feeling wanted to be reached.








Flamenco Guitar
The flamenco guitar is a normal classical guitar but with a taste of brightness. The classical guitar has been the origin of many other intruments born thanks to the ispiration given by this intrument.








Classical Fretless Guitar
I use the classical fretless guitar to perform the arabic traditional music. This kind of music uses a system of notes called “Maquam”. It is much more easy learn the arabic music on this instrument for a guitarrist because you can see still the sign of the western notes on the wood of the guitar and compare it with the arabic.

To obtain this instrument is in fact necessary to remove the frets and fill up the gaps on the wood. I use to play mainly an arabic style called Muwashahat which is an old arabic style originated in Andalucia during the Middle Age.



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