I grew up in a family where music was always present in the daily life. My Grandfather was in fact playing squeeze box and was building himself and playing flutes. I officially started studying music at the age of 11, playing piano at the secondary school fo three years. At the age of fourteen I bought the first guitar. As I finished the Lycée (19/07/1999), I moved to Rome where I took my bachelor degree in Leterature and Filosofy in music and spectacle area in the “La Sapienza” university.

I those years I could learn about theater cinema and music from a theoric point of view. In the same time I was taking private classes from guitarist and pianists and singers. I was learning some classical and pop. After I took my bachelor degree in Rome the 28/04/ 2006, I decide to dedicate myself to the languages and, after one year studying in Germany learning the german language, I go back to Italy and inscribe myself at the Bologna university where I change my area of study and choose the Master degree “Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa”.

During I was studying there, in 2008/2009, fro about one year I started taking classical guitar classes by the guitarist Tiziano Rosato graduated in the Conservatory of Pescara. In july 2009 I go to Egypt for three mounths mainly to learn the arabic language by mothertounge teachers, but there I meet the guitarist and composer Fernando Perez.


Thanks to him I learn flamenco arabic traditional music with the use of maquam and the indian traditional music called Raga. I Egypt, I also studied with Mohammed Saad and Mohammed Hosny teaching in the conservatory of Alexandria. I went to Egypt for times to learn mainly music more than language. For a couple of years my life was between Bologna, where still I was studying at the university and Alexandria in Egypt where I was studying music. I took my Master degree the 23/03/2011. After that I continue to follow Fernando continuing taking classes with him in Spain, in Cordoba, where I can learn more about flamenco in “Rincon del Cante” and after in Zaragoza where I start nto accompain the flamenco dance in the school “Blanco y Negro”.

After Zaragoza I went back to Andalucia, the homeland of Flamenco where I studied july august and september with some flamenco teacher as the “ Carbonero”, but also with some gipsy in the city Jerez de la Frontera, reach of flamenco tradition. After I came back to sicily in my hometown called Alcamo, but there my life has never been easy so I escaped after one month back in Andalucia, but also there my life was not easy. That’ s because my life there became more difficult as a street player.

During all my time in Spain I was used in fact to play on the road to earn something to finance my studies. Jerez was a good place for that during the summer cause was quite full of tourists, but as I came back there in november I saw that the spanish people was not giving anything and the fight for some coin with the other street artist was terrible. So I decided to try Marocco. There I settle down for almost two months in Essauira where I learn some Gnawua music. After that time, cause to some serious pain in my back I was obliged to go back home in Sicily, where I made some Yoga course in “Centro Namaste” and so my back was ready for an other adventure. In fact after I flew to Malawi where I made some collaboration with some musician belonging to the Music Crossroads organization in Lilongwe. After three months living there I moved to Zanzibar, where I made some collaboration and a project of new recordings with musicians of the Dhow Country Music Academy.

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